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Fast films is a production house specializing in producing television commercial, television program and digital content as a marketing and a good branding media.

Founded in 2002, Fast Films has a proven track record consisted of hundreds of television commercials and several dozens satisfied clients. Operating for more than 20 years has given us an in depth understanding of the industry including the pre production, shooting, and post production cycle. Communication is key and it is our passion to make agency's and client's concepts and goal a reality. Fast films always sets a high standard of practice which allows the productions of high quality contents and smart efficient budgeting. We value our client's time tremendously and take pride in our production efficiency which guarantees high quality content on a shorter time frame. In 2016 we produced "Aisyah Biarkan Kami Bersaudara" which received a total of 11 film awards from Piala Citra, Piala Maya, Piala Usmar Ismail, Bandung Film Festival including Indonesia Film Festival in the best movie category.

We are ready and eager to collaborate with you in any future projects and guarante nothing but the best from us.

Our team

Hamdhani Koestoro

Executive Producer

Imanullah Lubis


Ivan Hamdhani Putera

DOP - Film Director - Line Pro

Irene Menuq


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Film And Video Production

Various Television Program

Jingle Composer

Audio Production

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